Software Name:
  Firmware -U5880Y_U5881Y(ulifecam2) firmware v2.1.0 upgrader V130725
  2013-07-27 15:43:00
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Ulifecam1 firmware V2.1.0 release version:

1) New web released;
2) SD card record function optimized

Ulifecam2 firmware V2.0.6 test version:

1) Add alert message push function;
2) Optimized the video effect;
3)  New P2P function  added;
4) Optimized the night light effect;
5) Add remote flip and mirror funciton;

6) Add remote alarm on/off function
7) Add IO alarm function;
8) Add motion detect block choose function;
9) Add MAC address display in pc client.

Note: Ulife client P2P support function is added in this version.